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Reiki Treatments

There are a few options available to experience Reiki with Kathy.  Individual sessions are available in Irvine or your choice of location, such as your home, office, hotel, or other location. Alternative options are distance sessions over the phone or video conferencing.

Reiki + Tea

1 or 1 ½ hr sessions — Price varies

This session begins with a brief opening meditation, universal prayer or sacred ritual to open the body up for healing, followed by Reiki channeled into the body to promote its capability of naturally balancing and healing itself. Your session will end with a lovely cup of hot tea.

Reiki + Oracle Card Reading

1 ½ or  2 hr  sessions — Price varies

In this session, we will start with a meditation or universal prayer and a sacred ritual to open the body up for healing. I will next channel Reiki into the body and balance the chakras with crystals, aromatherapy, and healing music and instruments. We will end our session with a oracle or angel card reading and soothing tea.

Distance Reiki

1 hr  -  $ 90

Reiki can be shared through distance, time, and space. In a distance Reiki session, Kathy shares Reiki with clients over the phone, through video conferencing, or while you are sleeping or conducting daily activities. Reiki can be sent anytime, anywhere, through all time dimensions, and all locations throughout the world!

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