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Home + Space Clearing

Often our homes, offices, or new locations need clearings and blessings to create something new - a new story, new feeling, and fresh start. Often these places have residues of energies left behind from previous occupants and experiences. Perhaps these individuals are no longer present or life events have come and passed. These spaces can be clean and organized but still have a heavy feeling. A House & Space Clearing can create a fresh start, cleansing the area of previous stories, energies, and events that have accumulated over time.

Space Clearing + Blessing

1 1/2 hours - Price varies


During a House/Space Clearing + Blessing, the following methods may be used to cleanse the dwelling or space:

  • Reiki symbols and mantras that cleanse the past and build protection, heal energies,  and create peace, tranquility, and serenity.

  • Kundalini mantras to invoke protection, clearing, and cleansing.

  • Shamanic practices to break up stagnant energies, build protection, and remove unwanted energies.

  • Sound healing music that break patterns, build protection, cleanse energies, and create harmony.

  • Essential oils and air-purifier.

  • Palo santo & white sage purification spray and a Reiki-infused candle will be left for additional cleansing.

Space Clearing + Physical Clearing

2 hour minimum - Price varies


During a House/Space Clearing + Physical Clearing, negative energy will be cleared from your home, workplace, or other location and physical items that no longer serve you will be mindfully removed so that you can begin to experience more joy, serenity, clarity, and freedom.  In a House/Space Energy & Physical Space Clearing, Kathy may do the following things:  

  • help you create a clear vision of what you want to create for your space and bring into your life once possessions that no longer serve a purpose in your life nor bring you joy are cleared away.

  • gently and lovingly guide you as you decide which items you wish to keep in the home or office and which ones you choose to have cleared away.

  • kindly and mindfully  sort your unwanted possessions into four categories: recycled, repurposed, given away (to your family, friends, or charities of your choice), or thrown away.

  • remove the items you have  decided to part with from your home and work place.

  • upon request, suggest new organizational systems for specific areas of your home -- closets, kitchen, bathroom, home office, or garage -- that you can do yourself so these area are more relaxing, spacious, useful, and peaceful.

  • at an additional cost, Kathy can organize these spaces by implementing new organizational systems for you

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