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2020 New Earth Star came through as a vital energy to assist in the Awakening that we are all experiencing. The rich brown color deepens, grounds and anchors our chakra system sustainably into the earth. It has shown up to bring a sense of stability and inter-connectivity to our lives. It is energetically located 12 inches below our feet. It facilitates us surging with the resonance of the earth, helping us to prosper and grow. It is extremely important that we ground ourselves, as we move through this time of transition and change. There will definitely be a better tomorrow, as long as we stay rooted in our own personal energy field and trust that we are being supported by the New Earth Emergence!


Affirmations for New Earth


  • I am interconnected to the unlimited abundance of the Universe.
  • My energy is anchored in the deep rich earth and effortlessly awakens within.
  • My energies are in harmony and fully supported by the Universal flow.


Mini New Earth Star Pendant

  • Our little handmade pendant! Inside each pendant are quartz crystals infused into a plant based resin. We charge each pendant with color frequencies that make these beautiful pendants the perfect tool to assist you in your spiritual work! Each pendant measures 3/4'' by 3/4'' and come with a tied black cord necklace.

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